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zafirWhat teachers and librarians are saying about Zafir

'Through My Eyes represents an important initiative in Australian children’s publishing offering both the opportunity to examine and deepen knowledge of these world affairs and also to contribute to UNICEF through the sales of the books. Highly recommended for all Upper Primary/Lower Secondary readers – the whole series should be on your shelves.'
Sue Warren, Queensland Librarian, read the complete review here

'Because the events are seen through Zafir’s eyes, the complex situation in Syria is confusing and never “black and white”. This is what makes the stories in this series so believable and poignant and it is a credit to series creator and editor, Lyn White, that this authentic feel has been sustained through all six books in the current series'
Sue Osborne, Head of Library, Haileybury Castlefield. Read the complete review here.

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