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About the authors


Lyn White Rosanne Hawke J.L. Powers
Lyn White, series editor Rosanne Hawke, author of Shahana and Alex J.L. Powers, author of Amina
John Heffernan Sophie Masson
John Heffernan, author of Naveed and Hotaka Sophie Masson, author of Emilio Robert Hillman, author of Malini
Prue Mason Wai Chim Fleur Beale
Prue Mason, author of Zafir Wai Chim, author of Shaozhen Fleur Beale, author of Lyla
Zoe Daniel Michelle Aung Thin Julie Hunt
Zoe Daniel, author of Angel Michelle Aung Thin, author of Hasina Julie Hunt, co-author of Tyenna
Terry Whitebeach Dianne Wolfer
Terry Whitebeach, co-author of Tyenna Dianne Wolfer, author of Mia