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AminaWhat teachers and librarians are saying about Amina


'This novel exceeded my expectations:it is original.contemporary and engaging...The story is upbeat and authentic. [JL Powers] met with Somali communities in the US to hear their stories, and researched widely. She tells the story well, interweaving cultural traditions and stories, and enhancing our understanding of what it means to be a girl in Somali society. The Somali community in Victoria continues to grow, and is an important part of our diverse society. Stories such as Amina's play an important part in informing young people about this culture and their struggles.'
Judy Blyton, librarian at the Languages and Multicultural Education Resources Centre, Melbourne (Viewpoint)

'Balanced and thoughtful story-telling shows both sides of a scary existence without becoming sensationalist.'
Sue Osborne, Head of Library, Haileybury Castlefield

'The stories are interesting, readable and highlight the plight of families in war-torn and drought-stricken areas. Amina also offers the opportunity for readers to consider the deeper issues of the role art plays in expressing ideas and beliefs, conveying emotions and communicating with others. The role of women in different societies would also be a thought-provoking discussion.'
Nova Gibson, Massey Primary School

'I will recommend this novel to students from Year 7 up as this book gives a realistic insight into what life is like in Somalia at the moment.'
Jan O’Sullivan, Library Technician, Mooroolbark

'Themes such as trust, poverty, free speech and freedom run alongside the key issue of war and human rights in this novel and despite its quite simple language and structure, it offers the reader insights into a very different world to ours.....[Amina is] well-worth consideration for Year 7 students who may be undertaking studies in biography, understanding conflict or units on culture for example.'
Peta Egan, Senior School Teacher, Ormiston College

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What kids are saying about Amina

'I really enjoyed Amina. It gave me a better understanding of what happens in countries like Somalia, and how people there live their everyday lives. It has motivated me to learn more about these places because it is so different to ours.' Chante, 11