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What teachers and librarians are saying about Lyn White's TME Professional Development Session

'Comprehensive resources and activities for a wide range of student abilities and interests and 'real world' fiction that will impress upon this generation the need to think inclusively and globally. Couldn't endorse it more highly, particularly after hearing of the passion and work that Lyn White and her selection of esteemed and diverse authors have poured into the 'Through my eyes' series. Inspiring and ethical series that focuses on current and social issues in our time.'
Sandra Harvey Literacy project worker and teacher, Bendigo

'[Lyn White] was engaging and interesting as she described the her personal story and the development of the 'Through my eyes' series. Thanks to her detailed descriptions of each title, I now have a heightened appreciation of each of the conflicts covered by the series. I also had the chance to complete some of the tasks Lyn has created and published in the Teacher Guide for each title. I enjoyed both the activity and the discussion of teaching ideas that arose while doing the task. I was very appreciative of the comprehensive material in the teacher guides, and the fact that they contain so many hyperlinks to information sites. Lyn described the next four books in the series. I fervently hope the teacher guides for these new titles will also be hyperlinked and rich in background material and teaching ideas. Thanks for the experience.
Murene Cassai, Teache, Bendigo South East College

Malini Launch Malini Launch

'Lyn White's presentation of "Through My Eyes," series was insightful and compelling. Personally, I didn't know that some of these countries have so much hardship. Lyn presented this in a quiet, stimulating way to capture our attention of her series. I am looking forward to reading more of this series and Lyn's upcoming NEW series on Natural Disasters. A valuable evening, enjoyed by those who attended. Thank you Lyn White and to ALEA for organising the event.'

'It is obvious when listening to Lyn how passionate she is about her series Through My Eyes. This well crafted series brings areas of conflict to life for upper primary and lower secondary children. The stories are moving and take the reader to places and situations they may never have been. Readers' beliefs and attidutes will be affected by engaging with these memorable young charaters facing crisis most of us have only witnessed via news broadcasts.'
Sarah Mayor Cox Lecturer, LaTrobe University, Bendigo