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ShahanaWhat teachers and librarians are saying about Shahana


'Shahana has been a compelling reading experience for the senior students at Mount Waverley Primary School. Students discussed the possibilities as the plot unfolded – totally engaged with Shahana’s life. They expressed startled recognition that other children in the world are dealing with issues far outside the comfort zone of their lives in Mount Waverley. Shahana has been a wonderful catalyst for class discussions about topics such as: the history of India and Pakistan, Muslim and Hindi culture, war and peace, freedom of women and girls, debt bondage, exploitation, family love, terrorists, militants and tolerance.'
Jacqueline Griffeth, Teacher Librarian, Mount Waverley Primary School

'Gripping, compelling, heart-wrenching, shocking, amazing, eye-opening & thought provoking.
Beautifully portrayed account of the lives of the young and old involved in the conflict... Easy to read, wanting to read on but dreading what I anticipate will happen next to my heroine, Shahana.
So many ways to use with students – best use for me would be Literacy Circles or Literature Groups where I have my middle and upper readers from Year 6 discussing the many issues that are so strongly represented throughout the story.'
Merryn Bevis, Year 6 teacher, Ashburton Primary School

'This book is an absolutely delightful read! Aspects of warmth, care, anxiety, family values, and cultural traditions …covered beautifully in a tragic war-torn background.'
Moira Tetteroo, retired primary teacher

'I've read Shahana and commend the author and publishers on an outstanding resource for students and teachers. Global Education Project will recommend the book to schools and indeed the series as it evolves. The links to global education, particularly, human rights through English is very powerful.'
Marilyn Snider, Global Education Officer, Geography Teachers' Association of Victoria

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What kids are saying about Shahana

'I loved the book Shahana! It keeps you in suspense and you keep wanting to read on. I kind of feel sorry for Shahana, because she needs to get enough food for herself, Zahid and Tanveer, she really needs help and she doesn’t want anyone to find out that Zahid is there. Shahana’s a really descriptive book, and I like the way that Zahid is there for her. Shahana is awesome.' Anna, Year 6

'This book touches our heart and makes you want to reach out to those who have been in traumatic situations that us Australians wouldn’t even think of.  Shahana makes me feel excited, scared and the book is worded so well it puts me in Shahana’s shoes and I felt so sorry for the people that actually have to go through this...I think that the book is great because it is really descriptive and contains many twists and turns that will shock and make the reader read on.' Davern, Year 6

'I love this book!  Every time I read some, I just want to read more, it draws me in...If I had to express my personal thoughts on Shahana, then I would say she is very honest, courageous, protective and caring of her little brother. When I read this book I get a feeling which I can’t explain.  It’s a mixture of positivity and negativity.' Nicholas, Year 6

'I think this is an interesting book because it makes me feel a little sad and some other books don’t make you feel anything.  I think Shahana should be very proud of herself because she looks after her brother and Zahid.' Silvia, Year 6

'Before reading Shahana, I had very little awareness of the conflict in Kashmir and was astounded to learn (via the information pages at the back of the book) that this conflict has been ongoing since partition of the India subcontinent in 1947 After reading the book, I still didn’t have a clear knowledge of the ins and outs of the conflict, but rather an awareness that while politicians and men in authority struggled against each other to gain control, families are torn apart with women and children left defenceless and abandoned by those who should be working to protect the weak and vulnerable. As Shahana tells her story, it is impossible not to feel outrage that so many young children face physical danger, starvation, early marriage, forced labour or difficulty accessing food, water and medications ' Deval, Year 8