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'Shaozhen is a fine addition to the Through My Eyes series. Wai Chim’s story is a real eye-opener. It brings to life the predicament of farming families in rural China where drought threatens livelihoods and political systems make solutions hard to come by. Australian children who take access to plentiful running water, schooling and health care for granted will be surprised by the hardships of life in contemporary China. Recommended for upper primary and middle school. '
Jane Smith (Magpies, September 2017)

'Based on a major drought in Henan China in 2014, this is an engaging character- driven novel. It is a tale of hope as Shaozhen’s ingenuity and fortitude bring people together to co-operate and solve their problems. This latest addition to the absorbing Through My Eyes – Natural Disaster Zones series provides young readers with yet another thought-provoking insight into the problems and difficulties experienced by children of their age group living in different countries. '
John Nolan (Reading Time, September 2017)

'I would highly recommend this book for Year 4 students and up. I can see it fitting into our unit on natural disasters and it would make a great read aloud. Just be aware that the last couple of chapters touch on AIDS. This book presents themes such as determination, village pride and perseverance. I enjoyed the author's notes, timelines and glossary at the end of the book as I found I was left wanting to find out more about this drought. A fantastic addition to this series.'
Kathryn Schumacher (ReadPlus, August 2017)